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Nostr Market

This is an online marketplace based on the decentralised nostr protocol. A Marketplace here is a grouping of online Stalls. Cyberpunks can create a Stall of their own and its products will be included in the Cyberpunk Hardware marketplace.


OG Stalls : Cyberpunk-Hardware02

The goal is to have two or more of these marketplaces run by cyberpunks, each with different product offerings maybe for different locations. That would make us more resilient and private. Still… it’s all good now, because already Stalls within the Marketplace provide a lot of independence and differentiation.

Nostr Market is another way you can sell your stuff within shillopolis that is CyberpunkHardware. All the fund will go to you. If we want we can arrange an automatic split later. All you need to do is;

  1. Test it out and get a feel for the interface
  2. Get a Nym
  3. Ask an @Cyberpunk to get you a login to the server, so you can create a Stall

If you’re really good you can start your own Marketplace using LnBits on your node.

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