Out of control productivity

Cyberpunks combine many projects, the aesthetic is futuristic and punk, the principles keep it all together. We are aligned because of bitcoin. It is a new open type of decentralised freedom tech organisation (white paper TBC)

Cyberpunk is not owned by anyone and this makes it stronger. We are founded anonymously and try to follow in the footsteps of Satoshi. You can see some of our activity on this site. You can comment on our Posts and Zap the author. Your quips, tips and reviews really help us to keep building. With new tech splits etc and our new organisation structure it’s easy to distribute value to those who generate it.

Bitcoin home servers
No honeypots
De-surveil yourself

Upgrade your cyberlife
Pleb to OG to Unkle Jim
Open Source
Bitcoin home servers
Mesh networking
No honeypots
De-surveil yourself
No slaves
Upgrade your cyberlife

How do you become a Cyberpunk?

Proof of Work

You can do what you’re into and put it together with other peoples work so that combined it gets more eyes and together it builds long term credibility, like a big pile of stones.

Sharing = More
Think . Write . Share

Self directed enterprise

We all want to work in bitcoin, but we also need to create new jobs. We also often want to keep our fiat jobs going and have a side project that doesn’t have privacy compromises. With Cyberpunk Hardware we focus on the things we need to become better bitcoiners, that way we can help ourselves as we help others, build products and services and at the same time it’s all good for bitcoin.

You can start as casually or as seriously as you like. A few comments or posts to fully developing your own product leveraging cyberpunks marketing and hype engine. Over time you naturally learn to fly.

Rad first : money will come
All freedom . All privacy
Bitcoin alignment = More

Convert your tech hoard and obsessions into bitcoin

Making the path as easy and effective as possible. You can use parts you already have using our public archives Guides and Tested Models. When you want to buy something our goal is to have a hardware flow that allows you to continue using all your stuff on your cyberpunk journey.

Open development = Max scaling

Micro pay for more