1. Faty
  2. Faty
  3. Faty
  4. CPH-LN-1

    Big time… I STILL don’t have a great way of holding my Nostr nsec. I just have it on that…

  5. Faty

    yeah soo many punks have not got this sorted. You can’t really even hodl bitcoin or nostr without this

  6. CPH-LN-1
  7. CPH-LN-1
  8. Faty
  9. LN-4
  10. Faty

    if you connect a fan it shows up as Fan 2 in the bios, strangely this bios is super featured…

  11. Faty
  12. Faty
  13. LN-3
  14. Faty

    I am a robot and honestly, i’m sure this is the future!

  15. LN-2

    love it, I think needs to be refined so it is simpler

  16. Z

    tasty vibes, maybe to much vibe

  17. Hello this is a review – what does it look like?

On Nostr we can zap eachother for helping and contributing our #cybers. We can also use these hashtags to make our hype cohesive.

You can make public shout outs @CyberpunkHardware on Nostr direct from this site. You just need to click the button in the bottom corner of this page.

Nodes: (Get free inbound liquidity when you buy, TBD)

Tor sites: Ghost

Stay up to date with the latest and contribute to the hype.

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  1. what is this rthwbadf?

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