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Coordination with Gitea

We want to be able to work together on our projects. This could be anything… from real life tools, marketing campaigns and hardware configuration to online coding projects.

Github is service that is very much in use. It’s a bit like social media for coders and it is popular, which helps bring people together because they can do all their work in one place. Even by the bitcoin network, however it is owned by Microsoft and not opensource, so we want to do better.

Github uses a protocol that uses Git which allows programming to be implemented live. It means that you can code and app in it and this can be downloaded and used as you’re doing it. The apps running this also include a lot of coordination and archive preservation tools. These are important things to grow Cyberpunk Hardware in a collaborative way.

You can access and login to our Gitea repositories online currently via TOR here.


You can also run the Gitea on your own node and mirror our repos. We can also use Tailscale to make it load faster or if you use VS Code or similar to access the Gitea. This way the TOR speed doesn’t really matter as it runs locally and only connects when you make a commit.

Gitea is a great way for Cyberpunks to up skill individually gaining knowledge of coding infrastructure, at the same time it allows us to work together and stay in sync.

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