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Nostr Communication


Main nostr accounts for the cyberpunk shillopolis are listed here. accessed by a few people with bitcoin at stake in a multisig. All funds that are zapped to these accounts go to or generally are zapped around to promoted the cause.




Shill accounts are listed here. If you help us let us know in the comments here and we will put your npub in the list of honour.





@Cyberpunk Hardware

#cyber #cyberpunk or #cyberpunkhardware


You can pledge allegiance by tagging the main groups and posting a photo of your cyberpunk project. You will get zapped back for it and we all win because it helps build the brand.

Significant bitcoin has been allocated to this, you justneed to get started. You can find post material here

Node givaways

If you create a nostr account and post a node givaway competition you will get zapped for it. The competition can be whatever you like but generally it should raise funds and awareness for cyberpunk hardware.



Take a second to check out the nostr built into this website by clicking in the corner. You can chat with us directly with our DMs and show your #cybers to the world with group chat here.

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Monetisation Methods

BTC Pay and LNBIts Checkout

These apps allow us to sell products and services through our websites. You can sell items you have, drop ship, raise funds in a presale or with a specific fund raising donation rally. You can simply purchase the items that we currently have listed, start promoting them, use your promo code and you can fulfil the order yourself. First sales all profit will go to the facilitator, later on and if you percentages will be detailed in the Splits and Coupons posts (tbc).

Details of product specifications and sources are held publicly in the Gitea. There are also tuition programmes that we developed publicly which you can run and charge for.

You can create new products and services and you can put them on the store after becoming an admin just by logging in. You can also do this without restriction using the Nostr Marketplace.

Direct Payments

V4V all the way, but if you do it under the cyberpunk banner we all benefit from increased brand recognition. We can use these to encourage each other online when providing education or just when shilling the brand on things like nostr and stackernews.


We setup splits for lightning payments. These automatically transmit bitcoin from the payment to the contributors. A percentage can be setup and left as it is or it can be updated. These apply to the store, direct payments micropayments and donations. A description of the existing split structure is transparent available to studded cyberpunks.

Nostr Marketplace

Set up a stall on the cyberpunk nostr market place. You can feel free to use our artwork and sell the same products. This allows you to be in control over your store, but it still helps build economies of scale, brand recognition and the LSP.

Gathering Stackers

People who may be interested in what we are doing but don’t have time to dive in can join us in multisig trust machines. This has real monetisation value as we know that people who are bitcoiners will be high value contacts and they will be mathematically linked with us. By gathering good bitcoiners and keeping bitcoin safe we build a foundation which larger plans can be built. Bigger much more profitable opportunities are in the works.

Pumping the Privacy LSP

By using our network of nodes for our economic activity we help increase there flow which gives us more in-betweeness and improves our routing. Connect a channel channels to the nodes listed in the footers. If your channel is good one of our other nodes will make a connection back to you for the same amount. Once your in we will list your node with ours as part of our LSP mesh.

Shilling the Memes for Sats

Cyberpunk hardware have created an archive of memes and gifs. Shill them on nostr or any lightning enabled channel in order to collect sats in return from people who you help get excited about our cause. Also existing cyberpunks who see it will tip you for encouragement. Use #cyberpunkhardware and #cybers so other punks can see your stuff.

Any comments or new ideas, leave them below!

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MultiSig Trust Machine

A Cyberpunk Story

I started a bitcoin multisig with a couple of new friends. We each put the same amount of bitcoin in a 2-of-3 and agreed that we would each stack equally as much as we could, with the goal of pooling some funds for testing and maybe to go towards a new bitcoin project. It wasn’t that serious.

The next week we were talking about starting a business and adding 10 times as much bitcoin to the wallet. A month later we had meetings started working on things. Later websites and a community are brewing. This MultiSig linked us together in a subtle subconscious way, we would lose honour if we were to neglect or misuse it. When trust is not broken it grows.

Dramas of life and all types of issues that build up when working together are put into perspective by the multisig. Commitment is anchored to something that is well defined. Members can and must trust each other not to rug pull, but also can trust each other not to back out in less tangible ways. The MultiSig helped us to understand the scale of the group’s plan and to weigh each individuals perspective towards our goals effectively. Unseen things come to light faster.

We 10x the size of the wallet again, plans are growing and now we have investors copying the same model with funds into different multisig wallets with us. Bitcoin is stacked, we have brands, concepts and a new simple way of doing things. The multisigs add a self organising layer of measured human relationships and allow a new futuristic type of organisation.

It turns out we don’t need any legacy systems involved in the organisation. Individuals don’t even need to be Cyberpunks. We can scale by allowing multisigs to appear and overlap wherever people want them, giving us global scaling without fiat complexity. Many small groups with their own multisigs, much like ours, that work together openly and separately. Organisation is easy.


It is just a collaborative multisig wallet, you can get it for free, but we call it a Trust Machine. It combines multiple humans in control over bitcoin. This is a new form of ownership that has not been well defined in the fiat or legal system and which in a way supersedes it. “Code is law” is combined with the natural law between people. This allows us to coordinate with each other in an economic way without any other contractual connection.

Cyberpunk Hardware is open-source and formed anonymously in the style of bitcoin. Cyberpunks can operate the old ways but only interact with Cyberpunk Hardware using bitcoin. The more multisig relationships a cyberpunk has the more we can trust them.


It is easy to think of things in business the way people always have, but we see all these bitcoin businesses getting rugged by fiat systems. We want to build a resilient bitcoin organisation. The first step is building strong relationships. This makes the foundation of the organisation we can measure the value of this in bitcoin, but on top of that we also build intangible strengths like trust, commitment and coordination.

By only trading with bitcoin, we keep the organisations focus on bitcoin so we can do truly productive things. We think this will pay off long term.

How it works?

It’s simple really you just set up a collaborative multisig, but through our experience the magic comes through three main functions:

1. Collaborative Bitcoin Fund

The bitcoin mulitisig wallet allows people to easily pool resources for a common purpose. You could call this a trust minimised de-intermediated investment club or an autonomous cooperative fundraising system.

Communication channels in the multisig are important, they mean that everyone is kept in the know and relevant info for each multisig is silo easily. Clear information about spending is kept in one place and all participants are included in each decision to the degree defined by the rules of the multisig.

Investments are measured against the value of bitcoin and only spend if a threshold of signers agree. I expect the grounding in bitcoin makes investments wiser. In this story 2 of the 3 members of the MultiSig can leave with their initial contributions or more if the other members agree. You can create your own plan or none at all, but it seems that less rules end up being more fair. The longer this social and financial trust lasts the stronger it becomes.

2. Insurance Bond

The multisig is also a “bond” which enables members to contribute to projects in intangible ways. The insurance between the members means that if at any point in time one member should not live up to the natural law of the group in any way, the other two parties have the ability to enforce whatever they feel is financially just. This means some members can work hard and not contribute as much financially whilst others can work less but provide insurance of their commitment.

3. Enduring Volatility

The more volatility in the bitcoin price the multisig endures, the stronger it becomes. It helps you HODL! More often than not the group is more emotionally stable. If the group doesn’t handle the volatility, from free market perspective this is probably for a good reason. The groups collaboration is necessarily lower time preference than a single person and this is a good HODL tech.

How it Grows

Cyberpunk Hardware ideally would see multisigs of different types being started. These could be with people from anywhere that you are interested in collaborating with. Start with a comfortable amount. The main thing is finding people who are curious enough.

The multisig can be simply set up with idea of putting the funds towards your goals. We can then link up privately or in this chat to keep track of our progress. We each start other multisigs and expand to create a shared passion for Cyberpunk Hardware around the world.


Nunchuk app runs on most operating systems and provides us our multisig tech on bitcoin mainchain. (We are also interested in smaller lightning multisigs with groups like bitpac)

– Groups should not have more than 8 people in them. (studies say that more than that is to hard to organise) and probably best to start with 3 or 4 until things get moving.

– The signer threshold depends upon the amount of trust in your group, I recommend starting with a simple 2 of 3, lower threshold imply more trust.

– Consider fault tolerance, a large group means more chance of people wanting to leave the multisig and having to reform it with different members requiring transaction fees. Higher signer thresholds are slower to approve and are more susceptible to inactive members or lost keys.

Tapsigners and hardware wallets like the SeedSigner are great multisig tools as you can easily back them up and keep your keys cold whilst still being able to quickly use them alongside Nunchuck on your phone.

The Kicker

Collaborative multisigs are a new magical human layer on top of magical internet money but we think they are very logical. Multisigs combine psychology, modern organisation theory and sound money to create something we the world has never seen before and likely will be a core part of the the bitcoin economy. So hurry up, it can be your story too.

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Coordination with Gitea

We want to be able to work together on our projects. This could be anything… from real life tools, marketing campaigns and hardware configuration to online coding projects.

Github is service that is very much in use. It’s a bit like social media for coders and it is popular, which helps bring people together because they can do all their work in one place. Even by the bitcoin network, however it is owned by Microsoft and not opensource, so we want to do better.

Github uses a protocol that uses Git which allows programming to be implemented live. It means that you can code and app in it and this can be downloaded and used as you’re doing it. The apps running this also include a lot of coordination and archive preservation tools. These are important things to grow Cyberpunk Hardware in a collaborative way.

You can access and login to our Gitea repositories online currently via TOR here.


You can also run the Gitea on your own node and mirror our repos. We can also use Tailscale to make it load faster or if you use VS Code or similar to access the Gitea. This way the TOR speed doesn’t really matter as it runs locally and only connects when you make a commit.

Gitea is a great way for Cyberpunks to up skill individually gaining knowledge of coding infrastructure, at the same time it allows us to work together and stay in sync.

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Clear-net Websites

This is just one Cyberpunk website. There are more websites that tie into our basic styling guidelines and our core principles. We work together and separately, this way the brand is strengthened and at the same time and decentralised. Different groups operate the websites so that if one is taken down there is another with similar function already available. Every Cyberpunk has a right to start using the brand o promote their own side hustle and create their own clear-net or Tor website if they need to.

Websites checked out and in constant contact;


Cyberpunks can contribute to sites by making funny or useful comments and by creating Posts. These are not really like blog posts, we have Nostr for that, the Posts on the clear-net sites are distributed to all our clear-net sites and are a living resource like a handbook or manual for cyberpunk activities.They get updated and refined.

You will need to build a reputation as a Cyberpunk to get your draft Post published

  1. Get a Nym
  2. Make some comments and contribute to current projects
  3. Make contributions on the Gitea or Github
  4. Do cyberpunky things for the Community, … Sorry some of the details are not defined.
  5. Once you attain sufficient trust you will get the ability to make Posts by logging in

Website Tweaks

In addition to posts and comments Cyberpunks can edit the actual websites. To do this you will need to login to our Gitea or Github or be an Admin where we keep our websites files.

  1. If it is a small change just create an issue in the repo related to the change, typo’s wording etc.. These may be carried out by a punk directly in WP or however the website is run.
  2. If it is a larger change, after you create the change you will need to get ruff consensus on pull requests and issues for the website changes on Gitea or Github. You should discuss them publicly on our chat channels, primarily AAA-Swag.
  3. If you are making a lot of changes you may want to ask other cyberpunks to upgrade your Nym level so you can modify the site directly WP or similar. You could even create your own website to suit your local cyberpunk crew.

Cyberpunk style guide

If tweaks are still not enough (wtf), or you just want to help decentralise Cyberpunk Hardware more, you can start your own site! All sites need to use the style guide to help grow the brand and follow cyberpunk practices. Chat to us and with some magic trust we can list each-others websites everywhere.

  1. Colours; CP Black #020202, CP White #FCFCFC, CP Green #D1FCC4, CP Orange #E67740, CP Pink #F5638F, CP Yellow #FCD60E, CP Blue #808CFB, CP Slime #CFD60E
  2. Fonts; Changa and Fira Mono, bold for headings
  3. Logos and graphics as provided in the Nextcloud shared Website file and Gitea AAA-Swag/website repo.
  4. More details to come in a future Post dedicated to marketing, style and swag.
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Nostr Market

This is an online marketplace based on the decentralised nostr protocol. A Marketplace here is a grouping of online Stalls. Cyberpunks can create a Stall of their own and its products will be included in the Cyberpunk Hardware marketplace.


OG Stalls : Cyberpunk-Hardware02

The goal is to have two or more of these marketplaces run by cyberpunks, each with different product offerings maybe for different locations. That would make us more resilient and private. Still… it’s all good now, because already Stalls within the Marketplace provide a lot of independence and differentiation.

Nostr Market is another way you can sell your stuff within shillopolis that is CyberpunkHardware. All the fund will go to you. If we want we can arrange an automatic split later. All you need to do is;

  1. Test it out and get a feel for the interface
  2. Get a Nym
  3. Ask an @Cyberpunk to get you a login to the server, so you can create a Stall

If you’re really good you can start your own Marketplace using LnBits on your node.

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Password Management

The first step to upgrading most peoples cyberlife is password management. We are currently running password management with Vaultwarden. This is the gateway to CyberpunkHardware services and an important part of contributing as a cyberpunk.



Follow this process to setup:

  1. Submitting an email address to the cyberpunk Vaultwarden administrators
  2. Have your email approved by a cyberpunk (you might need to message us to do it)
  3. Log in and put in your master password (you will need to remember this one)
  4. Verify the integrity of your Vaultwarden link by checking your fingerprint password found on the right hand side account settings
  5. You can keep you own files for private passwords now which no one can see ever. Admin can also approve your account for the various Cyberpunk Hardware Organisation folders to see shared passwords.

Your passwords are encrypted and private. Our Vaultwarden is on a backed up home server and we can only see passwords specifically tagged to be shared in groups shared with us. You can use it with Bitwarden apps on desktop and mobile where you can keep your own backups and with Bitwarden browser extensions using the API keys it provided in your Vaultwarden Account Settings ie: settings/security/security-keys

This is the best way to do passwords given our research. If it is too difficult you can also start off using plain Bitwarden which is free, use KeePass or Passky which is available on Umbrel for personal use. All of these are tested by cyberpunks.

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Online Storage

With our home servers we can host online storage and back up eachothers encrypted storage to provide secure cloud storage without paying bad people for it.

We have a Nextcloud that we are currently offering to everyone here http://wgpvvoeua4b52kypkmjrxzxefsj3dctajyv3sld5nmvtscpb7tny5gid.onion You will need to be approved to be able to log in. Please contact us through one of the chat channels.

If you want to run your own Nextcloud we you can create a Nextcloud syndicate and this grows and strengthens our combined storage solution.

Cyberpunks are also running NAS systems like TrueNas etc with public resources to be posted here and for VPS services TBC