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Monetisation Methods

BTC Pay and LNBIts Checkout

These apps allow us to sell products and services through our websites. You can sell items you have, drop ship, raise funds in a presale or with a specific fund raising donation rally. You can simply purchase the items that we currently have listed, start promoting them, use your promo code and you can fulfil the order yourself. First sales all profit will go to the facilitator, later on and if you percentages will be detailed in the Splits and Coupons posts (tbc).

Details of product specifications and sources are held publicly in the Gitea. There are also tuition programmes that we developed publicly which you can run and charge for.

You can create new products and services and you can put them on the store after becoming an admin just by logging in. You can also do this without restriction using the Nostr Marketplace.

Direct Payments

V4V all the way, but if you do it under the cyberpunk banner we all benefit from increased brand recognition. We can use these to encourage each other online when providing education or just when shilling the brand on things like nostr and stackernews.


We setup splits for lightning payments. These automatically transmit bitcoin from the payment to the contributors. A percentage can be setup and left as it is or it can be updated. These apply to the store, direct payments micropayments and donations. A description of the existing split structure is transparent available to studded cyberpunks.

Nostr Marketplace

Set up a stall on the cyberpunk nostr market place. You can feel free to use our artwork and sell the same products. This allows you to be in control over your store, but it still helps build economies of scale, brand recognition and the LSP.

Gathering Stackers

People who may be interested in what we are doing but don’t have time to dive in can join us in multisig trust machines. This has real monetisation value as we know that people who are bitcoiners will be high value contacts and they will be mathematically linked with us. By gathering good bitcoiners and keeping bitcoin safe we build a foundation which larger plans can be built. Bigger much more profitable opportunities are in the works.

Pumping the Privacy LSP

By using our network of nodes for our economic activity we help increase there flow which gives us more in-betweeness and improves our routing. Connect a channel channels to the nodes listed in the footers. If your channel is good one of our other nodes will make a connection back to you for the same amount. Once your in we will list your node with ours as part of our LSP mesh.

Shilling the Memes for Sats

Cyberpunk hardware have created an archive of memes and gifs. Shill them on nostr or any lightning enabled channel in order to collect sats in return from people who you help get excited about our cause. Also existing cyberpunks who see it will tip you for encouragement. Use #cyberpunkhardware and #cybers so other punks can see your stuff.

Any comments or new ideas, leave them below!

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