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Nostr Communication


Main nostr accounts for the cyberpunk shillopolis are listed here. accessed by a few people with bitcoin at stake in a multisig. All funds that are zapped to these accounts go to or generally are zapped around to promoted the cause.




Shill accounts are listed here. If you help us let us know in the comments here and we will put your npub in the list of honour.





@Cyberpunk Hardware

#cyber #cyberpunk or #cyberpunkhardware


You can pledge allegiance by tagging the main groups and posting a photo of your cyberpunk project. You will get zapped back for it and we all win because it helps build the brand.

Significant bitcoin has been allocated to this, you justneed to get started. You can find post material here

Node givaways

If you create a nostr account and post a node givaway competition you will get zapped for it. The competition can be whatever you like but generally it should raise funds and awareness for cyberpunk hardware.



Take a second to check out the nostr built into this website by clicking in the corner. You can chat with us directly with our DMs and show your #cybers to the world with group chat here.

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