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Clear-net Websites

This is just one Cyberpunk website. There are more websites that tie into our basic styling guidelines and our core principles. We work together and separately, this way the brand is strengthened and at the same time and decentralised. Different groups operate the websites so that if one is taken down there is another with similar function already available. Every Cyberpunk has a right to start using the brand o promote their own side hustle and create their own clear-net or Tor website if they need to.

Websites checked out and in constant contact;


Cyberpunks can contribute to sites by making funny or useful comments and by creating Posts. These are not really like blog posts, we have Nostr for that, the Posts on the clear-net sites are distributed to all our clear-net sites and are a living resource like a handbook or manual for cyberpunk activities.They get updated and refined.

You will need to build a reputation as a Cyberpunk to get your draft Post published

  1. Get a Nym
  2. Make some comments and contribute to current projects
  3. Make contributions on the Gitea or Github
  4. Do cyberpunky things for the Community, … Sorry some of the details are not defined.
  5. Once you attain sufficient trust you will get the ability to make Posts by logging in

Website Tweaks

In addition to posts and comments Cyberpunks can edit the actual websites. To do this you will need to login to our Gitea or Github or be an Admin where we keep our websites files.

  1. If it is a small change just create an issue in the repo related to the change, typo’s wording etc.. These may be carried out by a punk directly in WP or however the website is run.
  2. If it is a larger change, after you create the change you will need to get ruff consensus on pull requests and issues for the website changes on Gitea or Github. You should discuss them publicly on our chat channels, primarily AAA-Swag.
  3. If you are making a lot of changes you may want to ask other cyberpunks to upgrade your Nym level so you can modify the site directly WP or similar. You could even create your own website to suit your local cyberpunk crew.

Cyberpunk style guide

If tweaks are still not enough (wtf), or you just want to help decentralise Cyberpunk Hardware more, you can start your own site! All sites need to use the style guide to help grow the brand and follow cyberpunk practices. Chat to us and with some magic trust we can list each-others websites everywhere.

  1. Colours; CP Black #020202, CP White #FCFCFC, CP Green #D1FCC4, CP Orange #E67740, CP Pink #F5638F, CP Yellow #FCD60E, CP Blue #808CFB, CP Slime #CFD60E
  2. Fonts; Changa and Fira Mono, bold for headings
  3. Logos and graphics as provided in the Nextcloud shared Website file and Gitea AAA-Swag/website repo.
  4. More details to come in a future Post dedicated to marketing, style and swag.
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