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Password Management

The first step to upgrading most peoples cyberlife is password management. We are currently running password management with Vaultwarden. This is the gateway to CyberpunkHardware services and an important part of contributing as a cyberpunk.



Follow this process to setup:

  1. Submitting an email address to the cyberpunk Vaultwarden administrators
  2. Have your email approved by a cyberpunk (you might need to message us to do it)
  3. Log in and put in your master password (you will need to remember this one)
  4. Verify the integrity of your Vaultwarden link by checking your fingerprint password found on the right hand side account settings
  5. You can keep you own files for private passwords now which no one can see ever. Admin can also approve your account for the various Cyberpunk Hardware Organisation folders to see shared passwords.

Your passwords are encrypted and private. Our Vaultwarden is on a backed up home server and we can only see passwords specifically tagged to be shared in groups shared with us. You can use it with Bitwarden apps on desktop and mobile where you can keep your own backups and with Bitwarden browser extensions using the API keys it provided in your Vaultwarden Account Settings ie: settings/security/security-keys

This is the best way to do passwords given our research. If it is too difficult you can also start off using plain Bitwarden which is free, use KeePass or Passky which is available on Umbrel for personal use. All of these are tested by cyberpunks.

7 thoughts on “Password Management

  1. Testing this comment. Hoping a styled email comes out.

    1. yeah soo many punks have not got this sorted. You can’t really even hodl bitcoin or nostr without this

      1. Big time… I STILL don’t have a great way of holding my Nostr nsec. I just have it on that many devices I know I can recover that way. Also in Bitwarden but it’s easily forgotten about it.

        1. Just follow the cyberpunk steps

  2. essential first step I think

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