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Passively cooled and more potent than a Pi5 with two eth ports and two serail ports for future proofing*

Good for compact portable nodes, relays and firewalls you can sleep and travel with.

Also good for VLS setup.

The standard unit here does not include fan. It’s recommended to add a fan (purchased separately at this store)  when ambient room temp exceeds 30 degrees c.

You may like to consider also purchasing the Pleb Level 1 or Guided Easy Routing Mode Services

*If you don’t order assembly you will need to fully assemble the machine from parts shipped separately. Its not hard with this unit.

For “DIY” orders we will arrange all the parts to be delivered to you. They may arrive at different times.

For “Assembly Included” orders we will ship everything to one of our addresses put it together and then send it to you. At least till we are big time.

Intel J2900 (2M Cache, 4 cores up to 2.67 GHz) N100 or better
8gb ddr3L or ddr4L replaceable
Video out HDMI
Storage 2Tb mSata or NVME installed, expandable with sata cable for 2.5′ ssd
12v brick with barrel plug
Power consumption 9-16w
Estimated sync time 4 days
Network 2 x 1000Mbs RJ45
Autoboot yes
custom integrated cooling
Raid/Zfs can retrofit
Wifi can retrofit
Full disk encryption yes
Mesh networking
through wifi, 2 x serial com or 4 x USB

*chaos and anarchy exist

Additional information

Weight 1.305 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 11 cm
Assembly option

DIY, Assembly included

2 reviews for DualBlock

  1. Faty


    if you connect a fan it shows up as Fan 2 in the bios, strangely this bios is super featured for such a small thing

  2. LN-2


    love it, I think needs to be refined so it is simpler

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